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Re: [Lyxblogger-users] LyxBlogger problem/query

From: Jack Desert
Subject: Re: [Lyxblogger-users] LyxBlogger problem/query
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 11:09:28 -0400

I recommend LyXBlogger 0.38Beta, as it's the latest version. That said, 
LyXBlogger 0.37 should work fine too. I notice in the Changelog 
( that LyXBlogger 0.37 
supposedly fixed a bug where images were not showing up. 

What version of python are you running? 

Here's what I suggest: call LyXBlogger with the --run-here option to have it 
run in the existing terminal (instead of spawning the external window):

  python -m lyxblogger <filename> --run-here

That way any errors that occurred will be visible to you. Let me know what 
errors are reported.  


That way any errors that occur 
On Sun, 12 Jun 2011 15:46:37 -0700
Jon Chui <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Jack - thanks for the work on LyxBlogger.  I'm trying to figure
> out what makes it tick.
> What I could do so far via command line:
> * send devguide.html to the test site
> * send a boring "test.xhtml", generated via LyXHTML to the test site
> What I cannot do so far:
> * send output from eLyXer (the HTML in the output folder) to the test
> site (the XTerm flashes briefly and closes itself)
> * send a modified "test.xhtml" with inserted graphics from LyXHTML to
> the test site (it doesn't attach the graphics, but only the path)
> * send anything from the LyX Export menu to the test site.  There's
> only a non-descript 'An error occurred while running: python -m
> lyxblogger "test.html"' (or "test.xhtml" when LyXHTML was used)
> Do you have any idea of what's going on?  The setup is LyX 2.0.0,
> LyXBlogger 0.37 on OSX.
> Jon

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