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[lwl-general] Re: LWL GPL

From: Nicolas Darnis
Subject: [lwl-general] Re: LWL GPL
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:22:47 +0200

Dear Rick,

First, I must thank you very much for your mail. It's a great pleasure
to read this kind of mail when I'm just arrived to my job this morning.

For your request, I understand perfectly this license problem. But, I'm
really sorry, I've decided to put LWL under GPL because I don't want
to encourage proprietary software. So, unfortunately for your
proprietary projects, the LWL license will not change from GPL to LGPL.

In an utopist world, if, say x peoples want to use LWL in their
proprietary softwares, I hope y (with y as closer as possible to x) of
will change their proprietary softwares to libre softwares.

However, I hope you'll continue to use LWL in your libre softwares.

NB1: Maybe you know LWL-0.8 is available since yesterday (the doc is
up-to-date and a proto has changed in a way that don't need your sources

to be modified).

NB2: I use the word 'libre' in 'libre software', because, in french,
'libre' is relative to freedom and not to the price, instead in english,
word 'free' could be relative to these two notions but without

Thank you again for your mail.

Hope I'll read you in the future.


Rick Parrish wrote:

> Dear Sir;
> I am currently using LOG4CPP in a slew of commercial products. LOG4CPP

> is licensed under the LGPL which permits this. LWL however is licensed

> under the GPL which prevents me from incorporating the code into
> products sold for profit.
> LWL has a simpler interface. I'd like to start using it but the GPL
> licensing strategy puts it at a competitive disadvantage relative to
> other free libraries like LOG4CPP.
> I humbly request that the author of LWL take this into consideration.
> If you read Richard Stallmans' article
> http://www.gnu.org/licenses/why-not-lgpl.html titled "Why you
> shouldn't use the Library GPL for your next library" he outlines where

> this exact scenario is an appropriate application for the Lesser GPL.
> In any case, I thank you for an excellent library and am grateful to
> have it available for my purely GPL'd projects.
> Regards,
> Rick Parrish

Nicolas Darnis
work phone: (+33) 05 56 01 98 34
GPG 0x6B794D9E:         051F 3035 0183 A6DD 2701 A773 EE05 821E 6B79 4D9E

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