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[lwip-users] DCHP and netconn

From: Addi_G De
Subject: [lwip-users] DCHP and netconn
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 00:23:49 +0300

Can anyboy help in my question
Ive got netconn TCP conecction based on static API
But now I need to use DHCP
My question is can I use nectonn API in this case
I asking cause I didnt gind any API to do it in netconn sources

Also Its neccassy to use ethernetif_notify_conn_changed, can I mix this levels of lwip?, - netconn and netif ?
Maybe its better way to rebuild myTCP on socket API?

I tried to mix netconn and netif and as result I have some problem with value of dhcp structure reading

I see in debug what I pass discover, select and bind, and after that I got dhcp_supplied_address returned not zero but the value from dhcp structure of ip addresses not valid

Maybe I forgut something?

Please help!

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