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[Linphone-users] SIP SIMPLE protocol chat refresh

From: Andrea Cinque
Subject: [Linphone-users] SIP SIMPLE protocol chat refresh
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 23:54:33 +0000

I use Linphone 4.2.2 on Windows. I set my pbx for supporting SIP SIMPLE protocol but I’m facing a major issue on Linphone for Windows.
For instance, using one extension on mobile(with softphone) and another extension on Windows (linphone), when this two extensions start chatting, Linphone from desktop is only able to SEND messages, but it doesn’t receive anything.

To receive messages I have to quit from the “chat”, go in another chat and then come back. In that moment all the messages from the “mobile” extensions appears on linphone chat.

So it seems a “refreshing” problem, do you think it is fixable?

Ps: When setting Linphone, I have to create a SIP account (using obx credential) but I can’t receive any message from this “user” (even when I refresh, I am not able to receive). The only way to receive messages(by manual refresh, as explained before) is to use the “default identity”. Even if “default identity” is not directly related to my pbx system.



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