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[Linphone-users] please delete previous "meeting" email

From: Josh Moore [Duoplus]
Subject: [Linphone-users] please delete previous "meeting" email
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 08:25:54 +0000



If you received an email from me earlier with the subject “meeting” please delete, and don’t click the link in the email.


Earlier today my email account was compromised, and a phishing email was sent out to over 5000 people! It seems to have sent it to every person I have ever sent an email to!


Your email address was on the list – I’m not sure if it made it through to your inbox, or whether it got filtered out, but if you did see it, please delete it.


Chrome and Firefox have now blocked the site that was linked to, but if you did happen to click the link early on, it would have taken you to a fake Office 365 login screen. If you tried to enter your details into the login screen, then the hackers will have captured your details too. So if you did this, please update your password immediately.


To fix the problem at my end I've changed my password and our IT company has implemented two-factor authentication on our emails this afternoon, to stop this type of thing from being able to happen again.  If you don’t currently use two-factor authentication on your emails, I suggest you implement it too! (I have instantly become a promoter of the concept!)




Josh Moore



Mob: 021 588 684

Office: 0800 001 594




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