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[Linphone-users] Problem linking phone number to account

From: Wolf Paul
Subject: [Linphone-users] Problem linking phone number to account
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2017 07:19:31 +0200
User-agent: Android

I am trying to link my Austrian phone number.

43 as Austria country code is already displayed.
I enter 69917150995 and submit, and it tells me it has sent a confirmation SMS to +439917150995. In other words, it has stripped the first digit I entered.

So I try entering my number with a leading 0, hoping that will get stripped instead. But no, now the box around the number turns red again and I get the message "Phone number too long."

So, we need both clear guidance as to the expected format. I would prefer no stripping of leading digits, or else only of a leading 0; but if the number is expected to be entered with a leading 0 then it needs to permit longer numbers. 11-digit numbers are increasingly common in Austria, with at least two MVNOs issuing only 11-digit numbers, and two carriers issuing both 10 and 11 digit numbers.

And until that is fixed I won't be able to link my number ...



Wolf N. Paul 
M:address@hidden| W: 
T: +43-699-1715-0995 | F: +43-1-8174955-1928 

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