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[Linphone-users] Linphone based Android app sleeps after keeping aside f

From: Rajasekhar Reddy
Subject: [Linphone-users] Linphone based Android app sleeps after keeping aside for 36 hours.
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 11:14:46 +0530

Hi Team,

We have made a Linphone based android application which has the following issue;

Once you take a device in which no other Apps are installed and keep it idle for more than 36 hours and then it doesn't receive any calls (because service becomes unavailable). We tried the same with Linphone 3.2.5 and it was working fine. Seems like our app does not keep the run time status in the background.

As long as another app maintains the network connection status by synchronization in the
background, our app is also available for call.

We cant see anything in the database because the app sleeps after a long rest period! Please suggest a solution for this.

Devices we used for testing are; BQ Aquaris U plus, Huawei P8 lite etc..

Thank you,


U.Rajasekhar Reddy
Android Developer
•Mail: address@hiddennet 
(Landline) +91-884-2342100 Ex: 21

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