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[Linphone-users] limiting video screen to 176x144 in autoscaling feature

From: Harishkumar V
Subject: [Linphone-users] limiting video screen to 176x144 in autoscaling feature in linphone-3.1.0
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 21:36:24 +0530


i am using 2 clients having installed linphone-3.1.0 in a local LAN network.
in both the 2 clients, i am setting camera resolution to 176x144.
when locally viewing, no problem. the video screen is 176x144.
when i connect to call the other, the call is established, and both of them able to see each other, but the video screen is bigger may be qvga or 640x480.
after seeing through, its the auto scaling feature that makes it depending upon the network.
it detects the lan network and makes the video rate high.

i want to disable it, somewhat fixing it to 176x144 (ie) whatever the incoming rate or the network, the video screen should be set to 176x144.
i do not want self-preview, only should be able to see other person's video screen in 176x144.

is this possible to do, how to do this, any hints.

thanks and regards,

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