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[Linphone-users] DTMF / SIP info

From: Maris
Subject: [Linphone-users] DTMF / SIP info
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 12:38:22 +0200
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according to following link from 2006:

Linphone does not support relaying received digits to the user. Quote:
"RFC2833 tones are detected but not relayed through the linphonecore api.
You'll need to hack the on_dtmf_received() function in file audiostream.c
mediastreamer or mediastreamer2"

Is this hack still required with 3.0.x?

And should I place the hack somewhere else when SIP info messages should
be reported?

I'm using linphonec in a pipe construct from my application. Using
Linphonec I'm already catching messages as follows (example Tcl script):

proc linphone_start {} {
      set fid [open |linphonec r+]
      fconfigure $fid -buffering line -blocking 0
      fileevent $fid readable {readfrompipe $fid}

set count 0
proc readfrompipe {fid} {
      global count
      incr count
      set response [read $fid]
      puts -nonewline "Response $count: $response   "
# note each switch action for the sake of this example only outputting
text to the console
      switch -glob $response {
          Connected* {puts "hi, you are connected now!"}
          "Call terminated*" {puts "the call has been terminated..."}
          "User is busy*" {puts "Busy, please try again later."}
          "Could not reach*" {puts "User is probably not registered yet."}
          Signal=* {  --- here a following digit to being processed in the
application ---  }
          Terminating..* {close $fid}


I'd use the Signal=n text which appears upon linphonec started with -d
start option, while the SIP server is configured as to force SIP info
Info: Standard dtmf reception is reported by an ortp-message in debug mode (e.g.
ortp-message-Receiving dtmf 3.).


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