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[Linphone-users] Strange problem with new linphone

From: kionez
Subject: [Linphone-users] Strange problem with new linphone
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 18:25:12 +0100
User-agent: Mozilla-Thunderbird (X11/20080110)

Hi all, i'm trying to debug a strange behaviour in newest linphone
I have to reach a sip-proxy connected by VPN (so, i have tun0 as network
device), I can register to sip-proxy (openser), but i can't recieve
anything.. neither messages nor calls.

I compare many tcpdump and it seems that newest linphone simply ignores
"contact=" field in config file, using the default ip on eth0, that's
because in debian stable version, 1.5.1 it use my "contact=" field and i
can recieve calls and messages..

Here's my tests with debian packages:

 linphone-1.5.1 (debian stable) --> OK
 linphone-2.0.1 (debian unstable) --> NO

And then i try to build from source:

 linphone-2.0.1 - libosip2-3.0.3 - libeXosip2-3.0.3-3 ---> NO
 linphone-2.1.1 - libosip2-3.0.3 - libeXosip2-3.0.3-3 ---> NO
 linphone-2.1.1 - libosip2-3.1.0 - libeXosip2-3.1.0 ---> NO

Does someone can help me? I think is a "contact=" problem.. because is
the only thing i noticed in dumps.

thanks in advance


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