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[Linphone-users] Higher bitrate while using Linphone

From: Subhashis Roy
Subject: [Linphone-users] Higher bitrate while using Linphone
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 17:32:48 +0200

I am using 'linphone' which comes with Debian Sarge (version 1.0.1).
The party on the other side also uses the same version.
Given the bitrate of speex-8000 codec, I expect the maximum bitrate to
be about 24000. Since in the configuration file, all codec except the
above and '1015' are disabled, the average 'in+out' bytes/sec through
the otherwise calm network interfaces when both parties are speaking
should not exceed '3+3' kilobytes/sec. However, I find that it is
about 10 kilobytes/sec in practice (observed with 'xosview' and
(Since this is going to increase the cost of VOIP I estimated, I am
worried about it.)

Is this being observed by anybody ?
Any idea what could cause this,
or how to reduce it further while using broadband connection ?

(I do not think using traffic shaper here will be a good option).

Thanks in advance.


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