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[Linphone-users] linphone cannot use ALSA "default" device

From: Anders Kaseorg
Subject: [Linphone-users] linphone cannot use ALSA "default" device
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 00:10:56 -0400
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Currently linphone presents you with a list of ALSA soundcards to choose from. However, this makes it impossible to select ALSA virtual devices, such as "default".

Note that "default" does not necessarily map to an actual soundcard. For example, it may map to a dmix/dsnoop device that does software mixing to let multiple programs play and record concurrently, or a softvol device that does software volume control. Recent Fedora releases are configured this way automatically when there is no hardware support for these features.

There needs to be an option, selected by default, to use ALSA device "default". It would potentially be convenient for some users if you could specify an arbitrary device name, but "default" covers the vast majority of cases.


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