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[Linphone-users] it can't communicate the other party of linphone ( help

Subject: [Linphone-users] it can't communicate the other party of linphone ( help me)
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 00:44:23 +0900 (JST)

hello i'd like to ask about linphone
when linphone make call to another SIP phone, it is possible to get through.
But the other party of linphone  make call to linphone, in that case
after it play ringback,  
when the other party of linphone could speak to linphone, it could speak but
linphone couldn't speak to the other party of linphone
                                        calling (play ringback)
    A (linphone)      <----------------------------------------------        B(another SIP phone)
    after accet call (press 'a' )  
                                          (can speak)
    A (linphone)      <----------------------------------------------        B(another SIP phone)
                                          (can't speak)
    A (linphone)      ----------------------------------------------->        B(another SIP phone)
I don't understand why linphone just could get voice of the other party and
couldn't speak .. but when linphone don't play ringback, it can speak
i think when linphone play ringback it happen some problem.
what shall i do ? could you help me and give me advice           

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