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[Linphone-users] Linphone 1.0.1 & SIP/Proxy Configuration box

From: Kostas Marneris
Subject: [Linphone-users] Linphone 1.0.1 & SIP/Proxy Configuration box
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 13:00:49 +0300
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Hello ,

I've installed the new version of Linphone 1.0.1 .

I've noticed something which seems to me a "bug ?" or I miss something.

When I <edit> on SIP tab a SIP server, it opens a
Proxy/Registrar configuration box.. and the
"Send registration box" is selected and the registration period is 120,
and the Linphone keeps on sending register mesgs every second .!!!

Although I change these values, and close/open the Linnphone again,
it seems that these values are not permanenty saved and the linphone
keeps on this strange behaviour when i repeat the same procedure...

Am I wrong ?

thank you.
Kostas Marneris
e-mail: address@hidden
Tel   : +30-210-6151886

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