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[Linphone-users] mediastramer timers

From: Amita Maheshwari
Subject: [Linphone-users] mediastramer timers
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 15:08:01 +0530

  I have compiled linphone 0.10.2 for powerpc.For RTP I am using my own hardware device which is a 16-bit Linear PCM codec sampling rate 8KHz. When I run linphonec on my ppc platform, I notice that the snd_card_read() and writ e functions are not called at intervals of 20ms which was set in linphone.The processor is running at 40MHz.So there may be some issue with MIPS. And since I am not reading data from the sound device at the rate it is writing(160 samples in 20ms), I run short of Rx buffers in my codec driver.Also as write to device is slow, but my codec comes more frequently to read the data,I can hear cutted voice. Is there some mechanism to change the time interval of the mediastramer timers? I could not understand the timer configuration and functionality. Does time interval between two successive reads(writes) depend on the block size(granularity)? Can somebody help me out ? If I change the granularity to a lower value (say 128 bytes), will  it help. In that case do I need to change the MSRead granularity and Fifo too..How these things are taken care on ARM, which also runs at a slower rate than PC.

Thanks in advance

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