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Re: [Linphone-users] long voice delay for PDA linphonec

From: Jason A. Pattie
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] long voice delay for PDA linphonec
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:45:37 -0600
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Simon MORLAT wrote:
- ---bottom post corrected
| Takuya Kondo wrote:
|> Hello,
|> I tried using linphonec in the configuration below.
|> (direclty cross-cabled)
|> PDA(zaurus)  ---  SIP server (SER) --- PDA(zaurus)
|> The problem is that voices delay for 3 seconds ... (I can hear voice
|> without any problem but delay..)
|> It would be much appreciated if somebody tell me how to resolve this
|> delay. Although I've changed some jitt_comp in .linphonec, I am not
|> sure if it is effective. (The delay is still long.)
|> Is there some manner to use linphonec in PDA without delay ?
|> Or, is it impossible for the PDA spec ?
|> PDA and ipks I used are as following.
|> PDA: Zaurus SL-B500 (Linnux Embedix, Intel XScale PXA250 400MHz)
|> ipk: @Linphone on Zaurus SL
|> Doesn't anybody experience such delay for PDA ?
|> Kind regards,
|> tkondo

| Hello
| Your delay only comes from latency of your audio device/driver. On linux
| , alsa drivers have lower latency and it's a very good idea to replace
| old kernel-2.4 official drivers by alsa drivers.
| Simon

The latest version of Familiar uses the ALSA audio system and drivers.
Hopefully, that might help with your problem.  However, on older
versions of the iPAQ PDAs (specifically observed on the H3670), there
are audio issues that sound like the audio is trapped in a buffer and
never gets past approximately less than the first half second of audio
data for each second or so of audio.  It is just repeated continuously
for the duration of the audio stream, jumping to the next half second of
wrapping audio each second or so until the stream is finished (i.e.,
voice prompts, etc.).  This is using both OSS and ALSA drivers on the
iPAQ.  But, I think it's an issue with the audio drivers and not
necessarily anything that linphone can rectify.

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Jason A. Pattie
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