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RE: [Linphone-users] URGENT help

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: RE: [Linphone-users] URGENT help
Date: 17 Jun 2002 14:16:37 +0200


Good. You are closed to have linphone working.
First, don't use the alsa option of linphone, it means that linphone
should use the alsa library (in user space) to talk with the driver.
However this works only with alsa-lib-0.5 and it does not bring much
Instead, simply load the oss emulation alsa module with:
modprobe snd-pcm-oss
modprobe snd-mixer-oss

And don't change anything in linphone, it must use the default oss mode.
Use aumix or any mixer (gmix, kmix) to adjust the sound levels, and then
run linphone.


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