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[Linphone-developers] memleak in mediastreamer

From: Christian Spielberger
Subject: [Linphone-developers] memleak in mediastreamer
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 13:08:19 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.24 (2015-08-30)


we have our own mediastreamer plugin which does h264 encoding/decoding. I found
that there is a memleak in rfc3984_unpack. And yes, I use rfc3984_init during
initialization and rfc3984_uninit at the end of the stream.

==7116== 1,964 (+1,748) (432 (+216) direct, 1,532 (+1,532) indirect) bytes in 2 
(+1) blocks are definitely lost in loss record 6,378 of 6,569
==7116==    at 0x4C2AB80: malloc (in 
==7116==    by 0x557301D: ortp_malloc0 (port.c:82)
==7116==    by 0x557FAF6: dupb (str_utils.c:157)
==7116==    by 0x557FB8B: dupmsg (str_utils.c:169)
==7116==    by 0x7527847: update_parameter_set (rfc3984.c:313)
==7116==    by 0x7527935: store_nal (rfc3984.c:330)
==7116==    by 0x7527D43: rfc3984_unpack2 (rfc3984.c:414)
==7116==    by 0x7528028: rfc3984_unpack (rfc3984.c:264)
==7116==    by 0x16EAACB3: dec_process (in 
==7116==    by 0x7758C3F: ms_filter_process (msfilter.c:207)
==7116==    by 0x77594A6: call_process (msticker.c:231)
==7116==    by 0x77594A6: run_graph (msticker.c:245)
==7116==    by 0x7759469: run_graph (msticker.c:250)

I suppose that something like


is missing in rfc3984_uninit.


Best regards 

Christian Spielberger

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