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[Linphone-developers] LinphoneSDK / UWP / System.IO.FileNotFoundExceptio

From: Sevket KIZANLIK
Subject: [Linphone-developers] LinphoneSDK / UWP / System.IO.FileNotFoundException
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2017 16:05:07 +0300


I have been trying to develop a basic VoIP/SIP client for Windows 10 Desktop. To achieve this I created a blank UWP/C# project in Visual Studio 2017. I installed LinphoneSDK through package manager.

Firstly I couldn’t find where to start. Then I downloaded a sample Xamarin project from here and I tried to port it to a UWP/C# project. It seems that Xamarin and Visual Studio packages are not identical. They have different namespaces:

Xamarin -> Linphone
Visual Studio -> BelledonneCommunications.Linphone

I tried to go with BelledonneCommunications.Linphone namespace but I couldn’t port the line below because BelledonneCommunications.Linphone.Native.Factory class doesn’t have Instance property/method.

var authInfo = Factory.Instance.CreateAuthInfo(username.Text, null, password.Text, null, null, domain.Text);

Then I tried to instantiate Core, Factory, VoipCallController classes but System.IO.FileNotFoundException is thrown. For example:

BelledonneCommunications.Linphone.Native.Core core = new BelledonneCommunications.Linphone.Native.Core(new CoreListener());

Note: CoreListener class above implements BelledonneCommunications.Linphone.Native.CoreListener interface.

I am doing something wrong obviously. Where should I start? Is there a sample UWP/C# project out there?


Sevket Kizanlik

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