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[Linphone-developers] new ALAW and old ALAW do not interwork????

From: Shane Purtill
Subject: [Linphone-developers] new ALAW and old ALAW do not interwork????
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:18:10 +0100



I am developing an answering system that will be compatible with Linphone. It still has a few bugs with the audio but it more or less works with Linphone 0.8.0.


So I decided try it with the latest version of Linphone, 0.9.0 only to find that the audio is being decoded/encoded at the wrong speed, so the voice is dragged out, like the batteries are dying on a tape recorder. To verify this was not an issue with my code I have tried communicating between two devices, one using Linphone 0.8.0 (ALAW) and the other using Linphone 0.9.0 (ALAW), and the same occurs. This is using the ALAW codecs in each version as that is all I have working presently on my answering machine.


So my question is: am I the only one experiencing this? And if ALAW is standard which of the codecs is faulty, the 0.8.0 one or the 0.9.0 one? I think it could be the newer one as I have had some limited success using Ubiquity’s UA to communicate with my answering machine.


If this is a known bug, is there some “fix” to get the two to communicate properly? I do not want to seriously modify my code for the moment as I am trying to put a demo together for Friday and would like to use the newer version of Linphone as it seems to sort out a few “features” in my app.


Any help on this is much appreciated,




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