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[Linphone-developers] April

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: [Linphone-developers] April
Date: 15 Apr 2002 14:32:00 +0200

Hello all linphone developers (or just suscribers),

This is just a mail to inform you about how things are going in
linphone's developpement.

*Yesterday was linphone's birthday.

*Current version is 0.7.1. This is a patched version of 0.7.0 from Bryan
Ogawa that makes linphone interroperable with vovida sip proxies. In the
same time, it makes it compliant on many points with the SIP draft.

*a 0.7.2 is planned soon (a few days) to fix a crash that occurs when
manipulating the property box and several other little things. It still
includes Bryan 's patch.

*next release is 0.8.0: it includes the porting of osipua (the sip user
agent library) to libosip-0.8.3. Libosip has changed a lot since 0.8.1
in order to be compliant with sip draft 09 (which was quite different
from the previous ones). But don't worry, this is a very positive: the
sip draft as well as libosip have never been as much clear and clean.
The Bryan patch will be kept, as it seems to bring more features than
the new dialog_t api of libosip-0.8.3.
I hope to release this quite soon (a few weeks)

*In the same time I worked a lot on adding video support in linphone. I
recently made progress on this step.
It required several things to achieve this:
        1- a new RTP (RFC1889) library to stream audio as well as video (the
old lprtplib used at the moment cannot do this)
        2- a new plugin-capable architecture to handle audio and video
        3- some video encoders
        4- something to display the video images.
        5- something to grab images from a webcam
The four things are now done. I succeeded yesterday to grab, encode,
decode and display images inside the mediastreamer architecture.
Now we have to make the glue between all this and the user interface,
and it should nearly work.
The main part of the glue is the media_api, that is responsible for
setup the processing to handle correctly all the received and emmitted
media streams.

*the 0.9.0 release of linphone will probably include for the first time
the media_api/mediastreamer architecture. Only audio in a first time,
and if we don't have too much problems with this new (probably unstable)
libraries, then video will be added.

There are also some good features that would come later, like dtmf
sending and receiving.

That's all for today.

Best regards,

SKU, can you commit your last code of the media_api so that we can make
the point on it and see what has to be done ?
I noticed also that the developers mailing list was not archived. Can
you check that ?

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