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[Librefm-socialnetworktmp] Time to be One!

From: Aurélio A . Heckert
Subject: [Librefm-socialnetworktmp] Time to be One!
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 19:24:50 -0300

Hi all!

I'm happy to read about your idea at

I'm Aurium from Brasil, I work at Colivre, a cooperative that works
with Free (as in freedom) Software. We create the Noosfero
( ) a social network software licenced under
AGPLv3 too.

The Noosfero is great! (I really like to say that!)

Noosfero is alive and you can see it here:
This website is the Brazilian Free Software Social Network.
That can be for all...

That is so cool to see FooCorp with this wish because we has
a lot of experience and a lot of opportunities but is difficult to
receive collaboration. Every body love this work, but contribution
is rare. May that be time to be one! We can work together and
not repeat efforts. Don't you think? :-)

Opss... may you thinking "Who are you?". So...
I'm a Free Software lover!

I did the GNU that you are using on the daisychain page:

I like to collaborate with FLOSS projects (like Foswiki, GNOME,
GIMP,...) and local initiatives for FLOSS disclosure. I'm also
an Inkscape Developer.

All the Colivre team are Free Software lovers too. (That was
the motivation to create the Colivre)

So... I'm waiting for you!
Best Wishes,

Aurélio A. Heckert
GNU/Linux User #312507
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  "Eu temo pela minha espécie quando penso
   que Deus é justo."  Thomas Jefferson

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