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Re: Intro for newbie

From: Paolo Redælli
Subject: Re: Intro for newbie
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 16:12:59 +0200
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Il 20/04/20 08:58, Oleg Terentiev ha scritto:
20.04.2020, 02:35, "Paolo Redaelli" <address@hidden>:
Hi! Sorry for the delays but I was busy before the CoVid19 lockdown and now I'm more busy!
Yes, CoVid19 is evil for all world.

I'm starting answering your last mail as it is the most important.

Can it builded for Raspberry Pi from souces?

Yes, but it requires quite a lot of memory. Most probably on the Pi2 you will require quite a substantial swap memory, bootstrapping could require 2Gb of memory if I recall correctly.

I can try cross-compile for Pi, but it will be much harder. May be in future.
Trying build Gobo Eiffel was not finished - it call kswapd (Pi usually has disabled swap for safe flash memory, because it has limited write resource, my Pi v1 only 256Mb) and then stoped building.

I would try cross-compiling in this situation... but cross-compiling has never been easy.

About this one.
When bell started with 'make' I have message
Checking BDW GC
tee: /home/pi/bell-rc2/target/log/install-20200420-102139.log: No such file or directory
BDW too old or missing
tee: /home/pi/bell-rc2/target/log/install-20200420-102139.log: No such file or directory
Checking required programs.
                                 All programs present, proceeding.
I have found in '' part of this checking, cut fragment with it without arround and buld 'check_libgc.
Macro GC_NOT_ALPHA - not defined!
I gues this part of script should be changed.
One more note from gc headers:
/* The policy regarding version numbers: development code has odd       */
/* "minor" number (and "micro" part is 0); when development is finished */
/* and a release is prepared, "minor" number is incremented (keeping    */
/* "micro" number still zero), whenever a defect is fixed a new release */
/* is prepared incrementing "micro" part to odd value (the most stable  */
/* release has the biggest "micro" number).                             */
May be just 'not zero' will be enought? Generally I have version 7.6.4
After change it for pass the check it can't build it still. See attached file for details.
b.r., Oleg Terentiev

I just rebuilt Liberty from git on the Fedora 32 machine I use at work. It requires to install the gc and gc-devel packages; in Fedora 32 those are at release 8.0.x and are "smoothly" used .

On Debian release 8.0 has just entered experimental branch

In Ubuntu it seems not be available, even in groovy

Temporary I would suggest you to download directly from

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