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Intro for newbie

From: Oleg Terentiev
Subject: Intro for newbie
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2020 16:57:57 +0700

I'd want to meet eiffel. One person takes me one project on Eiffel and I trying build this one. I am absolutely newbie in Eiffel but have some skills in general (C, python, VHDL ).
Lot of programmers liten about eiffel, but nobody who tryied to use it. First my question - how to use external C prorams? For example - I have some interface like void generate(char* ); and what should I do next? How to say where placed C-sources, headers and other classes on my filesystem?
I have read about c_include_c and c_include_h but it isn't clean for me. Can you explain me litle bit more?
Oleg Terentiev

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