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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Notepad++ syntax highlighting for LE

From: Raphael Mack
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] Notepad++ syntax highlighting for LE
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 20:35:17 +0200

Hello Hans,

thanks for those efforts. I think this is quite helpful. I attach a
screenshot of how it looks in my emacs, not as a specification just as
another example.
For the Notepad++ config you did I propose:
- change the color of special entities like Void, Result, True, False,
Precursor and Current to a slightly darker blue
- highlight all complete UPPER_CASE strings as classes in bold, not only
- highlight manifest strings (everything between "", consider multiline
strings and U - unicode prefixed once)


Am Mittwoch, den 10.10.2018, 21:10 +0200 schrieb Hans Zwakenberg:
> Hi group,
> for the upcoming Liberty Eiffel distribiution for Windows, I've been
> experimenting with Notepad++, possibly to be included in the
> distribution.  Noteably, I've worked towards creating an Eiffel syntax
> highlighter working.
> Before putting this effort on our Wiki, I'd like to hear your opinion.
> The included pdf-file shows the result, the included XML-file is what
> I currently use with Notepad++ for syntax highlighting.
> cheers
> Hans

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