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Re: [Liberty-eiffel] generating the documentation

From: John Perry
Subject: Re: [Liberty-eiffel] generating the documentation
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 14:48:52 +0000

Hello Raphael

> I guess this is not the only package required by liberty on Fedora, could you 
> try to provide a "full" list of packages which are necessary?

gccxml has the same package name, and presumably one should install the gcc 
package. This is all I know for sure.

> When you want to use the "-prune" option to remove the boring parts of the 
> compiler. E. g. to generate docs only for your application, you might want to 
> create a which points to your src files and call eiffeldoc -prune 
> lib -prune tools -prune smarteiffel -prune tutorial

Does this create the documentation first (at least internally) and then remove 
the things I don't want, or does it ignore those extra things from the start? 
One problem I have with eiffeldoc is that it seems to consume an enormous 
amount of memory on my machine & even brings everything else to a crawl. This 
is the primary reason I want to avoid all the other documentation.

> I hope this helps for the first try and feel free to suggest improvements on 
> eiffeldoc or even to better: provide patches ;-)

If only I had the time :-( I'll try, as things go, but first I think I'd like 
simply to turn this into an rpm, perhaps for inclusion w/Fedora. It would be my 
first one, though, so if I can manage that, I'll update you on the necessary 
packages. Otherwise, I might find some way to be useful, if as I say I can but 
find the time.

john perry

John Perry
I'd rather be unhappy than have a false, lying sort of happiness. -- Brave New 

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