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Re: [Javaweb-people] Jeffery Morgan's Java-GNOME project

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: [Javaweb-people] Jeffery Morgan's Java-GNOME project
Date: 11 Jul 2001 16:03:36 -0700
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"Nic Ferrier" <address@hidden> writes:

> I'd like to ask those assembled (and Tom who has not yet assembled
> /8-) whether you think it's a good idea to include Java-GNOME in an
> existing project or not.
> I know there was some talk about using Java-GNOME as the basis of a
> Swing implementation. If there are people out there interested in that
> I guess it should go into Classpath.

Gnome-GCJ ( is a "competing" project
which might be a better match for GCJ, as it uses CNI rather than JNI.
There might be other technical differences which I can't comment on,
as I haven't really looked at either.  However. the Gnome-GCJ project
looks rather dormant, and if Gnome-GCJ is further along and active
I'd rather have that.  We always have the option of replacing the
low-level wrappers with CNI later.

Because of GCJ's integration with C++ it may be worth considering
a Java wrapper based on "gnome--" (the Gnome C++ api).  That might
make it more difficult to use other Java implementations.  In any
case it would be nice if gnome/java (java-gnome or gnome-gjc) where
compatible with gnome--, though that may be too complicated.

What is more important is how clean the Java API is.  I can't comment
on that either ...

What I think would make sense is a Gnome API for Java.  This should
(at least potentially) provide access to all the Gnome functionality,
and be as close to the "Gnome model" (i.e. how things are done in
Gnome using other languages) as possible.  We should then implement
java.awt using the Gnome classes (but using peer classes where possible
to separate out java.awt from gnome dependencies).
        --Per Bothner

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