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[Javaweb-discuss] essential, must read Growth alert that brings profit

From: Beverly Bynum
Subject: [Javaweb-discuss] essential, must read Growth alert that brings profit
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:41:24 -0000

of life are to a poet. This medium of exchange, gold, interested himwere ready 
to move into the New Market Street home. Henry Worthington

Please read this letter attentively. Tailor AquaPonics is going to grow! It 
will icrease up to 70%

Stock symbol: TQWW.PK
Current price: 0.07$
Expected price: 0.26$

Check this inside news. It will be published on MARKETWIRE on the 1st of 
November 2006

Hot news: TQWW.PK is going to conquer the US market. They’re coming to America!!! Tailor AquaPonics recently announced plans to expand its operational facilities to the United States. The Nevada-based company with operations in Australia recently decided to translate its track record of success to the American market. Tailor Aquaponics President Ron Almadova stated, "Our intention is to set up in southern Nevada to capitalize in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego Markets...There are more people in that triangle than in the whole Australian country. Now that we have the board approval, we have pinpointed several possible locations that would serve our delivery profile."

After the publishig of that news TQWW.PK will grow constantly for 3-4 weeks. Buy it now cause it is still cheap and you can enter almost for free.
About Tailor AquaPonics Worldwide:

Tailor AquaPonics Worldwide, Inc. owns a controlling interest in the 
international growth and development rights to Tailor Made Fish Farms, a 
company that has developed a technology-driven, easy to operate, land-based 
modular fish production system. This cutting-edge system is both sustainable 
and environmentally responsible in keeping with the spirit of maintaining an 
environmentally safe and friendly solution while producing high volumes of 
superior and healthier farmed fish. This allows an overwhelming production of 
'year-round' premium quality fish and vegetables, achieved through compact and 
controlled production areas using much less water than conventional methods. 
Our technique conserves water, is environmentally responsible, fresh health 
products and provides two crops from a single water uptake.

P.S Rumor has it that 2 Million shares have already been sold that are NOT accounted for in DTC, if your familar with this term it is called a "SHORT SQUEEZE". We will be mailing TQWW.PK for the next 3 weeks and the price will icrease. It is your unique chance to double or triple your money next week.

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