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[Javaweb-discuss] southwestward emit

From: Emmanuel Plummer
Subject: [Javaweb-discuss] southwestward emit
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 14:17:24 -0400

Marigolddid not say a word of her fears to Uncle Klon. There was another new pupil, with amazingred-gold, bobbed curls, and they were all agog over her. I wouldnt give her the satisfaction of telling it aslong as I am alive. So Marigold felt quite happy and thoughtschool was very nice. Very likely old Cousin Malcolm was right. To other people this part ofthe world was only the orchard and the big spruce-bush on thehill. Andall his barking and tearing had just been sheer neighbourliness. This time Mother walked toschool with her and at first it was lovely. Horrified, Grandmother made Marigoldget right up and say them. They quarrelled as to whom shewould sit with and finally settled the matter by drawing straws. Did you and Great-Grandfather live here when you were married? She may as well getused to going alone, first as last. Plainly this Lesley puss must have herclaws clipped at once. Old Grandmother laughed until she had to wipe the tears from hereyes. She sat upagainst her pillows and ate her egg with a relish. I shall always like cats a LITTLE better than dogs, saidMarigold, but Mr. Theres something wrongabout a child who wants to be alone so much. She could not understandwhy Mother permitted Sylvia at all. Marigold must learn to walk on the side of the road and nevercross it. Im sure that long walk to schoolis too much for her. Dying peopledidnt go roaming in orchards or eat eggs fried in butter. Marigold had on her new bluedress, and her lunch was packed in a little basket. Always found open no matter how it was shut andlocked. I wouldnt give her the satisfaction of telling it aslong as I am alive. And Marigold, who hadonce wished he was dead, walked past Mr. Marigold dropped book andlunch-box, and screamed. Always got drunk on every solemn or awful occasion. Unless that old affair about Adelas husbandand the arsenic could be called one. She couldnt seem toremember half she was told.

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