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[Jailkit-dev] 55th row/account and beyond in local jail passwd file igno

From: Diaz, Jorge \(SNL US\)
Subject: [Jailkit-dev] 55th row/account and beyond in local jail passwd file ignored.
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 20:49:06 -0000

Olivier -  I have an implementation of Jailkit that runs into a problem
when the
number of accounts in the local jail/etc/passwd file exceeds 55

I'm allowing SFTP on the server .. but any account beyond the 55th row
or account in the local passwd
file of the jail fails with the message "Cannot initialize SFTP
protocol.  Is the host running a SFTP server?"
"Connection has been unexpectedly closed. Server sent command exit
status 0." (this occurs when running winscp382).

If I try it using plain ssh it just hangs...  and I see this in
Apr 26 14:22:05 faren sshd[10503]: Accepted keyboard-interactive/pam for
juan.martinez from port 2783 ssh2
Apr 26 14:22:05 faren jk_chrootsh[10507]: now entering jail
/home/jailatt for user juan.martinez (1068)
Apr 26 14:22:05 faren sshd[10506]: session_input_channel_req: no session
0 req window-change

 I have not seen any reported tickets nor fixes for this occurrence.   
Could it be a limit in the way the make files were ran?... any ideas are

Jorge Diaz
Nokia Siemens Networks
Competence Development Services
Consulting & Systems Integration    Office: 561-923-6895
900 Broken Sound Parkway                 Cell:    561-756-6594
Boca Raton, Florida 33487                   Fax:     561-923-3001
email : address@hidden  (Please note new email address)

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