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[Iva-dev] A hot prospect in Arabic country in the educational Sector

From: Motaz Alaa Al agamawi
Subject: [Iva-dev] A hot prospect in Arabic country in the educational Sector
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 22:06:36 +0200

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a good chance for a tender in the educational sector in an Arabic
Region Country which is divided into three phases the first phase is a
piloted project, second will include 7,500 school and the third will include
35,000 school, we would like to cooperate with you since you have an earlier
experience in this field.

We had reviewed your product features through your web site and we have the
following Technical inquiries about your  product to fulfill the project
        1- Does your product adapt ASP technology?
        2- What is the hosting specifications needed for your product to run 
        3- What are the supported data sources that your product can deal with 
        4- What are the supported database engines?
                3-1- What are the native drivers?
                3-2- Do you support ODBC?
        5- Are you fully support Arabic language (GUI and data manipulation)?
        6- Is there SDK available to integrate your product with others?

7- Please we want you to send us your LMS "Learning Management System"
modules and functionality description in details.
        7-1- Dynamic Driven Content tools
        7-2- Registration and Login
        7-3- Communication Modules including:
                7-3-1- Forums and Discussion Boards
                7-3-2- Live Chat and White Board
                7-3-3- Message Center
        7-4- Student Grade Book.
        7-5- Teachers Book
        7-6- Student Directory
        7-7- Online Exams, Quizzes and Homework.
        7-8- Electronic Journals
        7-9- Interactive Question Banks( Randomization, Scoring, Multianswers).
        7-10- Interactive Illustration Tools
        7-11- Student Scoring System.
        7-12- Authoring Tools.
8- Secondly we would appreciate if you could offer to us a SMS "School
Management System".
        - Does your product cover the next areas
                8-1- Staff records
                8-2- Student records
                8-3- Student grades
                8-4- Student fees
                8-5- School Budgets
                8-6- Class schedules
                8-7- Library inventory
                8-8- School inventory
                8-9- Student medical records
                8-10- Parent Services
                8-11- HR System
                8-12- Library Management System

Also we have a few business inquiries,
        1- Do you have any references in Middle east? if not, so please advise
about success stories in educational sector in other places?
        2- What is the license schema you are offering?

We are interested to explore mutual cooperation opportunities and open new
business channels with your esteemed company. May you please answer the
above inquiries ASAP to move to the next steps as the time is really short
we have less than 10 days for the tender deadline.
Your quick response will be appreciated.

Thanks for your co-operation

Best Regards
Motaz Alaa Al-Agamawi
ISIS Business Development Manager
Tel: +(20-2) 338 4523/ 761 3839 (x135)
Fax: +(20-2) 336 0574
Mob: +(20-12) 3935 396
Email: address@hidden
Web Site: www.isisintl.com

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