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[GNU/FSF Press] Terminal Server for Windows XP / Vista (Enjay TSPro)

From: kavire enjay
Subject: [GNU/FSF Press] Terminal Server for Windows XP / Vista (Enjay TSPro)
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 15:51:05 +0530

Turn your Windows XP/Vista/SBS into a full blown Terminal Server

1.    Salient Features :

1.1. You can use Windows XP / Vista / SBS as your ThinClient server.

1.2. The best alternative to TSE/Citrix is now available on XP, VISTA and 2003 SBS

1.3. No TSCAL required

1.4. Multi-User and Multi-Session possible on XP, VISTA, 2003 SBS

1.5.Seamless Application publishing option also available. (like Citrix)

2.    Variants / Versions Available :

2.1. Enjay TSPro XP - for Windows XP Family

2.1.1. XP Home is not supported as of now.

2.2. Enjay TSPro Vista - for Windows Vista Family.

2.3. Enjay TSPro SBS - for Windows 2k3 SBS.

2.4. All above will be available in

2.4.1. unlimited User License

3.    Licensing  / Pricing :

3.1. One license per server. One fixed price per server.

   3.2. Unlimited, multiple concurrent remote desktop sessions.

4.    General :

4.1.It is legal to use Enjay TSPro on top of Windows XP / Vista / SBS

4.2.Read the paragraph called "Remote Access Technologies" in Windows EULA;

4.3. It is about the (unlimited) number of Remote Desktop Sessions.

4.4. Enjay TSPro does not include TS-CALs or other Microsoft Licenses.  If you need Microsoft licenses, contact your Microsoft representative or reseller.

5.    Using Windows XP/Vista Vs Windows 2003 Server :

5.1.With Windows Server:

5.1.1.Better memory management

5.1.2.Better user level security

5.1.3.has many IT admin tools, which XP/Vista lacks

5.1.4.File and folder level security is better

5.2.When to use Windows XP

5.2.1.more suitable for simple and small setup

5.2.2.Many application do run fine on Windows XP but not on Windows Server.

5.2.3.Many devices will not have Drivers for Server


Enjay Network Solutions

919898007650, 919377107650

0260-3241732, 0260-3251732

0260-3261732, 0260-3251733

0260-3203400, 0260-2785124

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