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aegis.el --- An Emacs library for Aegis

From: John Darrington
Subject: aegis.el --- An Emacs library for Aegis
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 15:22:38 +0800
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aegis.el is a  elisp library designed to make Aegis accessible from
an Emacs session. 

The design model of aegis.el is completely different from Tom
Potter's aegis-mode.el (
which is an Emacs major mode and thus requires you to change modes
whenever you need to interact with Aegis.

By contrast, aegis.el is completely modeless.  It tries to be as
unintrusive as possible, thus allowing you to get on with the job
of writing software, whilst allowing you to use Aegis without
having to quit Emacs or switch to another X window to do it.


* All Aegis commands are accessible from within Emacs.

* Command arguments are automatically completed with sensible
  default values gathered from the state of the project/change.

* Any interactive Aegis commands are seemlessly integrated into the
  current Emacs session.  No more  spawning editors.

* Very little Emacs experience required to get started (but you do
  need to know Aegis).  All commands are analagous to the Aegis
  shell commands --- just run them from the minibuffer instead of
  the shell.

* Customisable with standard Emacs customisation menus.


I got fed up with having switch back and forth between a shell and
Emacs when developing projects under Aegis.  Initially, I tried
writing aegis.el as a backend to vc-mode.  However, the model used
by vc-mode simply does not fit the Aegis way of doing things (after
all, Aegis is a change supervision tool, not a version control
tool).  The current modeless way it's implemented seems to suit the
purpose much better anyway.


Until a more permanent place can be found, aegis.el will be
available from

Instructions for use

See the comments at the top of the file.

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