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[igraph-announce] Debian packages now available

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: [igraph-announce] Debian packages now available
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 15:57:15 +0100

Dear All,

Debian and Ubuntu Linux users can now benefit from our package
repository which containts the latest release of igraph both in source
and binary format. The repositories can be found at the following

Binary: http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/packages/binary/
Source: http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/packages/source/

The packages should work in other Linux distributions as well if they
follow the general Debian file system layout and are able to unpack
.deb archives. Binary packages are provided for the i386 architecture,
but users of other architectures can still use the source repository
to compile igraph. The following lines must be added to
/etc/apt/sources.list in order to use the repository:

deb http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu /packages/binary
deb-src http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu /packages/source

Don't forget to invoke apt-get update after updating the sources.list file!

Tamas Nepusz <address@hidden>                MTA RMKI, BME MIT

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