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[igraph-announce] igraph 0.3.2 released

From: Gabor Csardi
Subject: [igraph-announce] igraph 0.3.2 released
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 14:38:37 +0100
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At last! igraph 0.3.2 was released. (There were _no_ 0.3 and 0.3.1 releases,
sorry for the confusion.) You can download it from
http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/igraph and the R package is already available
on CRAN. The list of improvements and changes comes here:

Changes in the C library

* igraph_maxdegree added, calculates the maximum degree in the graph
* igraph_grg_game, geometric random graphs
* igraph_density, graph density calculation
* push-relabel maximum flow algorithm added, igraph_maxflow_value
* minimum cut functions added based on maximum flow:
  igraph_st_mincut_value, igraph_mincut_value, the Stoer-Wagner
  algorithm is implemented for undirected graphs
* vertex connectivity functions, usually based on maximum flow:
  igraph_st_vertex_connectivity, igraph_vertex_connectivity
* edge connectivity functions, usually based on maximum flow:
  igraph_st_edge_connectivity, igraph_edge_connectivity
* other functions based on maximum flow: igraph_edge_disjoint_paths,
  igraph_vertex_disjoint_paths, igraph_adhesion, igraph_cohesion
* dimacs file format added
* igraph_to_directed handles attributes
* igraph_constraint calculation corrected, it handles weighted graphs
* spinglass-based community structure detection, the Joerg Reichardt --
  Stefan Bornholdt algorithm added: igraph_spinglass_community,
* igraph_extended_chordal_rings, it creates extended chordal rings
* 'no' argument added to igraph_clusters, it is possible to calculate
  the number of clusters without calculating the clusters themselves
* minimum spanning tree functions keep attributes now and also the 
  direction of the edges is kept in directed graphs
* there are separate functions to calculate different types of
  transitivity now
* igraph_delete_vertices rewritten to allocate less memory for the new
* neighborhood related functions added: igraph_neighborhood,
  igraph_neighborhood_size, igraph_neighborhood_graphs
* two new games added based on different node types:
  igraph_preference_game and igraph_asymmetric_preference_game
* Laplacian of a graph can be calculated by the igraph_laplacian function

Changes in the R interface

* bonpow function ported from SNA to calculate Bonacich power centrality
* get.adjacency supports attributes now, this means that it sets the
  colnames  and rownames attributes and can return attribute values in
  the matrix instead of 0/1
* grg.game, geometric random graphs
* graph.density, graph density calculation
* edge and vertex attributes can be added easily now when added new
  edges with add.edges or new vertices with add.vertices
* graph.data.frame creates graph from data frames, this can be used to 
  create graphs with edge attributes easily
* plot.igraph and tkplot can plot self-loop edges now
* graph.edgelist to create a graph from an edge list, can also handle 
  edge lists with symbolic names
* get.edgelist has now a 'names' argument and can return symbolic
  vertex names instead of vertex ids, by default id uses the 'name'
  vertex attribute is returned 
* printing graphs on screen also prints symbolic symbolic names
  (the 'name' attribute if present)
* maximum flow and minimum cut functions: graph.maxflow, graph.mincut
* vertex and edge connectivity: edge.connectivity, vertex.connectivity
* edge and vertex disjoint paths: edge.disjoint.paths, 
* White's cohesion and adhesion measure: graph.adhesion, graph.cohesion
* dimacs file format added
* as.directed handles attributes now
* constraint corrected, it handles weighted graphs as well now
* weighted attribute to graph.adjacency
* spinglass-based community structure detection, the Joerg Reichardt --
  Stefan Bornholdt algorithm added: spinglass.community
* graph.extended.chordal.ring, extended chordal ring generation
* no.clusters calculates the number of clusters without calculating
  the clusters themselves
* minimum spanning tree functions updated to keep attributes
* transitivity can calculate local transitivity as well
* neighborhood related functions added: neighborhood,
  neighborhood.size, graph.neighborhood
* new graph generators based on vertex types: preference.game and

Bugs corrected

* attribute handling bug when deleting edges corrected
* GraphML escaping and NaN handling corrected
* bug corrected to make it possible compile the R package without the 
  libxml2 library
* a bug in Erdos-Renyi graph generation corrected: it had problems 
  with generating large directed graphs
* bug in constraint calculation corrected, it works well now
* fixed memory leaks in igraph_read_graph_graphml
* error handling bug corrected in igraph_read_graph_graphml
* bug corrected in R version of graph.laplacian when normalized
  Laplacian is requested
* memory leak corrected in get.all.shortest.paths in the R package

Csardi Gabor <address@hidden>    MTA RMKI, ELTE TTK

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