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regarding the scalar struct operation error

From: Vaseem, Shaik
Subject: regarding the scalar struct operation error
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 12:43:34 +0530

error: binary operator '*' not implemented for 'scalar' by 'scalar struct' operations
error: called from
    matwrt at line 7 column 1 
    bicubic_modified at line 118 column 1
#  matwrt line 7 : fprintf(fid,generate_fprintf(N*(BW),'bin'),dec2bin2c_real_vector(x, BW).');
#bicubic_modified line 118: matwrt(OM_bicubic_v,1,dir_name, 'vertical_filter_output.txt',result_property(1));
#OM_bicubic_v calculation 
 OM_bicubic_v(j,n,i) = flp2fxp((IM_bic(m-1,n,i)*v_coe(ph_floor+1,1) + IM_bic(  m,n,i)*v_coe(ph_floor+1,2) ...
                             + IM_bic(m+1,n,i)*v_coe(ph_floor+1,3) + IM_bic(m+2,n,i)*v_coe(ph_floor+1,4)),mult_property(1));

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