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Problem with octave

From: Rahiya
Subject: Problem with octave
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 10:52:03 +0530

Hello there this is Rahh and was an octave user and  used this software for  some time ,  at first it was working  fine ,   but now it won't even open i think it is because I ran some intresting commands ( or may be heavy for this software ) and  the problem started from there ,  I click on the icon and shows me some blank window but doesn't display the octave desktop  and sometimes it even opens but just  for like a sec or less than that and then it closes automatically , there is no problem with GNU octave ( CLI) but the graphics window opens through  GNU octave (GUI) and as it is not working so I am not able to use this software properly  please help to sought out this issue asap 

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