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figure printing problems

From: Leslie Allen Lantz
Subject: figure printing problems
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2022 12:09:02 -0500

octave org Rep,

I am using Octave 6.2.0 to “print" a series of plots with “xlabel”, “ylabel”, “title”  and “legend” functions on a iMac.  Interactively, the plots all appear correct; but, when I view the postscript file resulting from the “print” command, I get “label”, “Title” and “legend” function results that have many characters missing.  Here is the code for the first plot(see Fig1.pdf attached):

% force/acceleration time histories
% all-on-one
figure 1; hold on; grid on;
plot(v1a(:,1),v1a(:,2)); %X force
plot(v2a(:,1),v2a(:,2)); %X force
plot(v3a(:,1),v3a(:,2)); %X force
plot(v4a(:,1),v4a(:,2)); %X force
legend("Fx 1","Fx 2","Fx 3","Fx 4");
title("Body X Force State History");
ylabel("X Force(N)");
print -bestfit -landscape -Ftimes:12 -Ftimes:12 -dpsc

It looks fine and so does the second print resulting from this code(Fig2.pdf NOT included):

figure 2; hold on; grid on;
plot(v1a(:,1),v1a(:,3)); %Y force
plot(v2a(:,1),v2a(:,3)); %Y force
plot(v3a(:,1),v3a(:,3)); %Y force
plot(v4a(:,1),v4a(:,3)); %Y force
legend("Fy 1","Fy 2","Fy 3","Fy 4");
title("Body Y Force State History");
ylabel("Y Force(N)");
print -append -bestfit -landscape -Ftimes:12 -dpsc

However, the third plot resulting from this code begins to show problems:

figure 3; hold on; grid on;
plot(v1a(:,1),v1a(:,4)); %Z force
plot(v2a(:,1),v2a(:,4)); %Z force
plot(v3a(:,1),v3a(:,4)); %Z force
plot(v4a(:,1),v4a(:,4)); %Z force
legend("Fz 1","Fz 2","Fz 3","Fz 4");
title("Body Z Force State History");
ylabel("Z Force(N)");
print -append -bestfit -landscape -Ftimes:12 -dpsc

In this third plot(see Fig3 pdf attached), all of the “z”s in the legend, title and ylabel function calls are missing from the print of the plot(not from the interactive plot in octave!).  As more plots are printed, the titles, ylabels and legends missing-characters problem seems to get worse.  Any ideas about what is going on?

Thanks for any help you can give me,

Les Lantz

Attachment: Fig1.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Attachment: Fig3.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

p.s.  The “.ps” file is opened on my iMac using the “preview” application.

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