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Control Toolbox Function : zpk

From: Richard Shadbolt
Subject: Control Toolbox Function : zpk
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022 22:13:34 +0100
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I am attempting to use the Control Toolbox function zpk which is stated to have been implemented :

Yet i am obtaining the error for a basic command :

    F=zpk([], [-1 -2 -2], 2);

The error is :

    error: '__lti_input_idx__' undefined near line 80 column 24

I think i am using the correct syntax etc.m for the command. The documentation page indicates that it may not be fully implemented.

States :

    Create transfer function model from zero-pole-gain data. This is just a stop-gap compatibility wrapper since zpk models are not yet implemented.

As such, can someone confirm whether the function has or has not been implemented ?

Thanks and regards,


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