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Re: Parametric Equalizer Design

From: Renato S. Yamane
Subject: Re: Parametric Equalizer Design
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2022 16:58:07 +0000

Em seg., 7 de mar. de 2022 às 15:50, Nicholas Jankowski
<> escreveu:
>> There is no way to add a feature like this on Octave, right?
> looking at the examples on that page, and many of the functions they call 
> (object oriented design
> tools like fdesign) are still listed as unimplemented in the Signal package, 
> it likely is not currently
> possible to do exactly what they do.  depending on your exact needs, there 
> may be other ways
> to accomplish the tasks you need to do.  Here are links to the current signal 
> package with function
> reference, and the wiki 'missing' list:

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Basically, this is a sketch of what I'm doing:

signal = noise(30 * 44100, 1, 'pink');
[z, p, k] = butter(2, [100/(44100/2), 2000/(44100/2)]);
sos = zp2sos (z, p, k);
filtered = sosfilt(sos, signal);
normalized = filtered / (rms(filtered) / 10^(-6/20));
audiowrite ('test.wav', normalized, 44100);

But, before export the file, I would like to add a booster (or a
reduction) in a specific area (let's say -3dB at 500Hz, with a Q=1)

Many thanks,

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