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From: Tasos Papastylianou
Subject: Re: BUGS
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 13:27:51 +0000

> Should be Included as a Core Octave Package:

> OctaveCoder:

That does look like a nice package indeed.
I have opened an issue to ask the maintainer to consider adding their package to the package index.

As for the concept of 'core' packages, I'm not the expert on this, but, my understanding is that octave has a bit of an 'identity' crisis when it comes to packages, because packages are actually community contributed content, and not part of the project itself. At the same time the octave maintainers recognised that some packages, particularly those that are of sufficiently large scope and attempt to mirror some of the functionality of equivalent matlab toolboxes, were worth 'promoting' to the benefit of the project, to help users discover them more than other random packages of, say, lesser scope. And, furthermore, to help 'windows' users who are, let's say, partly compilation challenged due to their choice of OS, some of these 'core' packages have been pre-bundled into installation executables, purely to help out users.

But this does mean that complaining to the octave project about the quality of the packages it allows to be installed and quoting ISO standards etc, is no different to you writing to Microsoft to complain about how the Google Chrome you happened to download from the Microsoft shop is slow and has bugs. I.e., you're barking up the wrong tree.

From: Help-octave <> on behalf of Odin Loch <>
Sent: 15 November 2021 10:35
To: <>
Subject: BUGS



Everything currently installs into version 6.4 on Windows 10 except the below packages, I did it manually. I spent 12 hours staring at the computer, I did it twice. I also logged those that have warnings.


Octave Bug:


error: called from

    configure_make at line 110 column 9

    install at line 196 column 7

    pkg at line 568 column 9


This causes packages to stick in the memory. It is a bug in Octave. On the Serious Errors tag.


Serious Errors;

Multiple Warnings due to Pax Headers on Matgeom and Optim. Objects are left in memory after failed install.


pkg install ocl.tar.gz (Installs but sticks in memory if it fails.)

pkg install optim.tar.gz

pkg install dicom.tar.gz



BUG, pkg install ad.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install ann.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install engine.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install fits.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install fl-core.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install communications.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install dicom.tar.gz (Installs with errors)

BUG, pkg install matgeom.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install level-set.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install ltfat.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install mapping.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install mpi.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install nan.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install nlwing2.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install nurbs.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install odepkg.tar.gz (It was release 0.85)

BUG, pkg install octgpr.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install optim.tar.gz (Causes other errors)

BUG, pkg install pdb.tar.gz (No Windows support)

BUG, pkg install quaternion.tar.gz (Lacks a type)

BUG, pkg install secs2d.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install sparsersb.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install specfunction.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install strings.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install symband.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install tisean.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install vibes.tar.gz

BUG, pkg install xraylib.tar.gz


Warning Messages:

pkg install statistics.tar.gz

pkg install communications.tar.gz

pkg install cgi.tar.gz

pkg install optim.tar.gz

pkg install database.tar.gz

pkg install gsl.tar.gz

pkg install interval.tar.gz

pkg install multicore.tar.gz

pkg install nnet.tar.gz

pkg install ocl.tar.gz

pkg install oct2matlab.tar.gz

pkg install octclip.tar.gz

pkg install optiminterp.tar.gz

pkg install parallel.tar.gz (documentation)

pkg install plot.tar.gz

pkg install simp.tar.gz

pkg install tcl-octave.tar.gz

pkg install tisean.tar.gz

pkg install video.tar.gz

pkg install vrml.tar.gz

pkg install windows.tar.gz


Destroyed by optim being broken:

pkg install econometrics.tar.gz

pkg install data-smoothing.tar.gz


Destroyed by matgeom being broken:

pkg install geometry.tar.gz


Destroyed by geometry being broken:

pkg install mapping.tar.gz

pkg install mechanics.tar.gz


Destroyed by odepkg being broken:

pkg install ocs.tar.gz


Destroyed by nan being broken:

pkg install tsa.tar.gz


Not Found and where from GIT (I thought they would be good):

NF, pkg install cppCodeGen.tar.gz

NF, pkg install cpplibs.tar.gz

NF, pkg install implicit_ad.tar.gz

NF, pkg install math2cpp.tar.gz

NF, pkg install sparse_ad.tar.gz


Should be Included as a Core Octave Package:


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