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Re: Principal component analysis by several decomposition

From: Andreas Stahel
Subject: Re: Principal component analysis by several decomposition
Date: Mon, 10 May 2021 10:36:39 -0500 (CDT)

onewayenzyme wrote
> Hello,
>    I am coping with PCA obtained after several matrix decomposition of a
> data matrix containing biological information (for sake of completeness,
> matrix of metabolites and samples). I have a few of doubts about the
> procedure and results, then I will be greatfull to everyone who will
> address
> some (or all) of my issues.
> 1. Be X a m x n data matrix (n are variables/metabolites, m
> observables/samples), n is much greater than m;
> 2. I applied a scaling by Xm=zscore(X);
> 3. performed svd by [U S W]=svd(Xm);
> Assuming that W contains the principal components (PCs) of Xm (is it
> right,
> or I have to compute W'*Xm' to get them?), I can plot PCs one by one for
> each sample obtaining a biplot; now, how can I get the coefficients
> associated to each variables for each PCs?
> In addition, it seems that a more ready procedure is to compute pca by
> "princomp":
> [coeff,score,latent]=princomp(Xm)
> and in that case the coefficients are within the "coeff" matrix, but where
> are the PCs stored? Are they in "score"?
> Again, by computing PCs by eigenval decomposition:
> [V,D]=eig(cov(Xm));
> I will get the reconstructed V'*Xm' matrix which contains the PCs, but
> where
> are the coefficients?
> Thank you in advance
> --
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Have a look at the source of  pcacov will most likely help you to answer
your questions.
Look for the file pcacov.m on your disk, it is part of the statistics

function [COEFF, latent, explained] = pcacov(X)
  [U,S,V] = svd(X);
  if nargout == 1
    COEFF     = U;
  elseif nargout == 2
    COEFF     = U;
    latent    = diag(S);
    COEFF     = U;
    latent    = diag(S);
    explained = 100*latent./sum(latent);

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