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Re: This setup will not plot

From: Bjørn Kvamme
Subject: Re: This setup will not plot
Date: Wed, 5 May 2021 16:31:42 +0200

Thank you very much
Now I learned something new indeed
and have been too used to Matlab in this respect
Best regards,

ons. 5. mai 2021 kl. 16:23 skrev Nicholas Jankowski <>:
dlmread is able to read that format without a problem.  Checking, matlab2021a is able to load('dynam') as well.  I don't see any particular reason load shouldn't be able to read it, so it may be worth a bug report.

correction, it appears dlmread ignores the D.  e.g., the last line in the file is:

12.00000  .511026D-02  .334856D-02  .101089D-03

read in by matlab as:
(format long)
12.000000000000000   0.005110260000000   0.003348560000000   0.000101089000000

but dlmread as:

1.200000000000000e+01   5.110260000000000e-01   3.348560000000000e-01   1.010890000000000e-01

so, this does seem to be a compatibility bug.

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