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fltk and qt plot windows not responding

From: Jens.Wulf
Subject: fltk and qt plot windows not responding
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 06:05:59 +0000



I’m running octave from a GUI process. stdin, stdout, stderr are redirected in order to let the GUI show stdout and stderr, and send commands via stdin. All this is done to let people use an application (which mostly is implemented in octave) without having to know octave and the application’s internals, while more experienced users/developers can see what’s happening and directly interact with octave to achieve things not (yet) provided by the GUI and work on core functions.


System: Win10, Octave 6.2.0, GUI written in dotnet


When using gnuplot as a graphics_toolkit, this mostly works as expected (see “zooming into gnuplot: spacing of tics not updated”), but things fail with qt and fltk.


qt: plot windows appear, it is possible to interact with buttons in the tool bar, but the plot does not get updated (for example when toggling the grid).

I found that while octave is executing “pause”, those windows behave as expected.


fltk:  plot windows appear but are kind of “greyed out”, mouse cursor shows “busy” while hovering over those windows, win10 adds a text like “application not responding” to the title bar. The pause-workaround does not help in this case.


Is there a proper way to achieve working plot windows in this case? I don’t really like that pause-workaround for qt and I’d rather use fltk instead of qt because it supports keyboard shortcuts.


Best regards,


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