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Distmesh, mesh refinement

From: Mishal0488
Subject: Distmesh, mesh refinement
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 05:23:10 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Guys

Does anyone have any experience with the use of Distmesh? I have attached a
link below.

Below is my code for a mesh. I am not sure to refine the mesh to attain
better results for my finite element code. The 0.01 which is in bold allows
the mesh to get finer when compared to a value of 0.1, however anything
smaller than 0.01 does not create a better mesh.

If anyone has any experience in this package please help.

P1 = [0 0];
P2 = [0 60];
P3 = [30 30]; #load point
P4 = [60 0];
pv = [P1(1,1) P1(1,2);P2(1,1) P2(1,2);P3(1,1) P3(1,2);P4(1,1)
P4(1,2);P1(1,1) P1(1,2)];
fd = { 'l_dpolygon', [], pv };
fh = @(p) (min(p(:,3)));#ones(size(p,1),1);
[p,T] = distmesh( fd, fh, *0.01*, [-2,-2;2,2],pv);
patch( 'vertices', p, 'faces', T, 'facecolor', [.9, .9, .9] )

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