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Re: [Octave compilation on macOS 11.2.2 with MacPorts 2.6.4 and GCC 10.2

From: Maxim Abalenkov
Subject: Re: [Octave compilation on macOS 11.2.2 with MacPorts 2.6.4 and GCC 10.2.0]
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 12:32:16 +0200

Dear all,

Thank you for all you help and your suggestions. Now I see, why linking Octave against Intel’s MKL @ macOS was a theoretical debate. I’m failing here right at the configuration stage. Please find my `config.log` file attached. I would be happy to help here and try further if you can provide me with some guidance. I think MKL at the backend would make Octave only stronger.

Regarding of my original issue of compiling Octave from source @ macOS I think for now I will follow an easier route and try to link it against the “standard” OpenBLAS. I need to progress in my project and make my life a little bit easier. I will get back to you once I try the "OpenBLAS compilation”. Thank you for your help and have a good day ahead!

Best wishes,

Maxim Abalenkov \\
+44 7 486 486 505 \\

On 9 Mar 2021, at 17:21, Andrew Janke <> wrote:

On 3/9/21 9:36 AM, Maxim Abalenkov wrote:
Dear all,

Thank you very much for your help and your replies. Please find below
the contents of my configure and build bash script:

As you may see I’m trying to point Octave to Intel’s MKL BLAS and GNU
iconv library located in /opt/local/lib.

You are the only person I'm aware of who has *actually* tried to build
Octave against Intel MKL on Mac; up until now this has just been a
theoretical discussion as far as I'm aware.

Good luck!


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