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Re: Findpeaks function

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: Findpeaks function
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 19:09:47 +0100
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Am 24.02.21 um 18:28 schrieb Blaz:
The vector result1 should find local peaks (max values). Function
"findpeaks" rejects the inputs since they include negative values so I am
kind a stuck.

you can either move the values like
x = sin(0:0.1:10);
[~, LOC] = findpeaks (x - min(x))

or remove the negative part
x(x<0) = 0;

The vector result2 should give back index of crossing of x and y, where
these are zero (or close to zero). On the chart you can see that not all
crossings of x and y fullfill this condition.

I don't understand this, perhaps you should also upload the data and show some code what you already did.

You might also find "peakdet" interesting

-- Andy

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