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Re: Symbolic Package Problems

From: Thomas D. Dean
Subject: Re: Symbolic Package Problems
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 20:46:33 -0800
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On 2021-02-20 20:17, Thomas D. Dean wrote:
I can not get symbolic to work either with python 2.7.18 or python3.
Any ideas?

 > PYTHON=python3 octave


I found an answer.  On github, isue # 1031
  pip install sympy==1.5.1

This solved the problem with octave 6.1.1 (hg id: 59696b24ea53) and newest symbolic.

Now, I have a printing problem.  from the example on github,

> pkg load symbolic
> syms x y z a b c k
> A = [[sin(x/2) floor(a^(x*c)); acosh(2*x/pi) ceil(sin(x/gamma(x)))]]
A = (sym 2×2 matrix)

  ⎡     ⎛x⎞      ⎢ c⋅x⎥   ⎤
  ⎢  sin⎜─⎟      ⎣a   ⎦   ⎥
  ⎢     ⎝2⎠               ⎥
  ⎢                       ⎥
  ⎢     ⎛2⋅x⎞  ⎡   ⎛ x  ⎞⎤⎥
  ⎢acosh⎜───⎟  ⎢sin⎜────⎟⎥⎥
  ⎣     ⎝ π ⎠  ⎢   ⎝Γ(x)⎠⎥⎦

Here, cut and paste shows the correct characters. However on my xterm, in octave, most of the characters show up as a 'dot-box' character. I seem to remember a simple fix, but, what?

Any ideas

Tom Dean

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