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Plotting an ELU function with GNU Octave

From: Alexandru Munteanu
Subject: Plotting an ELU function with GNU Octave
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 20:34:31 +0200
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I am trying to create plots for an ELU (Exponential Liniear Unit)
funciton. The function is defined as follows:

function e = elu(z, alpha)
  if z >= 0
    e = z
    e = alpha * ((exp(z)) - 1)

So this is pretty simple so far (alpha is a constant of values 0.01),
and I can test to evaluate it in the interpreter and everything is
working as expected.

However, I want to plot the values of elu(x), where x belongs to the
interval (-5, 5).

function plot_elu
  x = -5:0.01:5
  y = elu(x, 0.01)

  plot(x, y, "linewidth", 5)
  set(gca,"fontsize", 25)
  axis([-6, 6, -1.2, 1.2])
  grid on;

This is where the plot goes wrong: it creates the plot as if the values
for elu are all going on the second branch of the if-then-else

I have attached what the plot looks like. Any help in this direction is 

Alexandru Munteanu

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