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Problem Using Bode Function

From: Athul Neelamparambil
Subject: Problem Using Bode Function
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 23:04:13 +0530

I am an Octave user for my engineering study purposes. I have installed the packages signal and control for signal analysis purposes. While I try to plot the Bode plot for the function G=(10*(s+10))/(s*(s+2)*(s+5)), there is no graph displayed in the output.(bode and sigma functions does not produce a graph but nyquist function does) But online octave compilers show an output. The Linux distro I'm using is Debian Testing, and the octave version is GNU Octave version 5.2.0, installed using apt. Please look into the issue and resolve and do the needful.

Attaching the octave code and the screenshots of the same.
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Thanking You,
Athul T

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